Abode Surface Spray
Ginger Lemongrass 500ml

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Abode Natural Surface Spray is derived from plant and mineral ingredients, it uses old fashioned 1960s ‘saponification’ which turns grease and grime into soap with the effectiveness of the leading brands.
Its unique design completely does away with the concoction of dangerous chemicals found in many common brand products such as petrochemical solvents, d-Limonene and LABS acids as well as semi synthetic plant surfactants such as coco betaine or etholylated compounds.
Our unique and advanced grease cutting formulation is designed to effectively clean as well as leading brands but at the same time as ensuring the your family's health is protected. Free of damaging harsh fumes and VOCs, leaving your house smelling like a home not a hospital.
Ingredients: Purified water, alkylpolyglucosides (derived from coconut, wheat and corn and found in high end personal care products), Soda ash (alkalinity builder), grain alcohol and ginger and lemongrass essential oil.
Country of Origin: Australia