Dew South Tasmanian
Pure Spring Water

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Dew South Spring water is naturally pumped from 20 meters below the ground where it lays upon a bed of bluestone, one of nature’s purest forms of filtration.
Tasmania is an island of rainforest wilderness recognized as the world wonder untouched farmland bowl of the continent from the bottom of the world - Australia.
As a result, Tasmania is a sparkling clean helped by its isolation and protected by the Great Southern Ocean which surrounds the Island of Tasmania.
Pure natural factors such as the winds which reach the stores are the famed Roaring Forties, (latitude 40 degrees south) blowing uninterrupted more than half way around the globe, from the Andes to Tasmania – producing the best & purist rainwater in the world with extremely low level of Residues and Sodium.
This wonderful rain falls on the mountains and valleys becomes true wilderness water, re-emerging eventually in natural springs - clean and pristine.
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