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What is Jigsaw Silver Immune Health™?

Jigsaw Silver Immune Health delivers 50mcg of Nano Silver per serving to maintain, sustain, and support your immune system.*

This product was created using a patent pending nanotechnology to produce very small silver particles that are between 0.4 - 0.9 nanometers. Smaller particles of silver are better than large ones because smaller particles can cover a greater amount of surface area lending more health benefits.*

Jigsaw Silver Immune Health was created in partnership with Dr. Decker Weiss, a member of our Scientific Advisory Board, and the creator of Peace Possible™, a non-profit organization that treats refugees in war torn areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and many other countries around the world.

We’re proud to partner with Dr. Decker, and a portion of the proceeds for every bottle sold go to helping Peace Possible™ in their mission to help men, women, and children at risk.

What is Silver and why is it beneficial to your health?

Silver is a natural mineral that is found in trace amounts in natural water as well as certain foods such as grains, fish, breast milk, and mushrooms.

Silver has been used for thousands of years as a natural way to support health, well-being, and immunity. In fact, ancient civilizations used silver to preserve food and water. Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, used and praised silver for its many benefits.*

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Born with a silver spoon in their mouth”? It’s a saying referring to a baby born into a wealthy and privileged family. The babies were given silver spoons to help their immune system develop.*

What does “Nano Silver” mean and why is it important?

While silver remains popular for immune health to this day, not all silver products are created equal.*

Most normal silver products talk about the amount of silver in Parts Per Million (ppm) -- meaning, how many silver ions are in the bottle.

But very few, if any, talk about the size of the silver particles in their product.

The smaller the particle, the greater the surface area making them easier for your body to absorb, process and eliminate. A smaller particle size also means there are more total particles available for use in your body.*

It’s like the difference between “boulders” and “sand”... you can cover more surface area with sand than with boulders.

Which is more important, Parts Per Million (ppm), or Particle Surface Area?

According to Silver-Colloids.com, "Particle surface area is the single most important attribute for determining how effectively the silver will interact inside the human body. Effectiveness is predicated on exposing the largest possible surface area to the areas of interest. Particle size has a direct effect on particle surface area, but in the exact opposite way from what you might expect . . . because particle surface area increases as particle size decreases. The importance of particle surface area cannot be over emphasized."

Jigsaw Silver Immune Health* is:

  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No Nuts
  • Vegan

What can Jigsaw Silver Immune health help me with?

  • Maintain and support a healthy immune system.*
  • Support healthy recovery.*
  • Includes a small amount of Organic Black Elderberry to further support immune function.*

Active Ingredients: Nano Silver.

Suggested Use: As dietary supplement, adults take 1 teaspoon (children age 4+ take 1/2 teaspoon), or as recommended by healthcare professional.

Storage: Once you've received your shipment of Jigsaw Silver Immune Health, we recommend you store in a cool, dry place, Refrigeration not required.