Organic 3 Wake Up Maggie Magnesium Powder - 135gr

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Wake Up Maggie™ combines three unique forms of magnesium, along with boron, an important co-factor. The unique combination of Magnesium malate, taurinate and orotate will help you feel alert for the day ahead.
One scoop of Wake Up Maggie™ provides 200mg of highly-absorbable magnesium as:
- Magnesium malate
- Magnesium taurinate
- Magnesium orotate
- PLUS 1.5mg of Boron
No artificial vitamins, no cellulose fillers and no silicon dioxide are added to Wake Up Maggie™.
Suggested Use:
Take one or two scoops daily or as directed by a medical professional. Mix powder in cold, warm or hot foods or beverages as desired.