Organic Coconut Syrup

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This certified organic coconut syrup is a natural sweetener, extracted from the sap of the coconut blossom. The tapping of coconut trees to release their nutritious sap, is an honoured traditional practice. Once collected into clay pots, the sweet sap is then heated and evaporated to form this concentrated coconut syrup. Coconut syrup is a more concentrated sweetener compared to coconut nectar, evaporated from 4L of sap to make just 1L of coconut syrup. Coconut nectar on the other hand is evaporated from 1L of sap to make 800ml and has a lighter and slightly sweeter taste.

The naturally sweet, caramel flavour of coconut syrup makes it the ideal sweetener for use on pancakes, toasted cereals, hot beverages, smoothies and all your favourite dessert recipes!

No GMO. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Coconut Syrup

Country of OriginSri Lanka. Packed in Australia.