Stoney Creek Brown
Organic Flaxseed Oil

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Produced from the popular Brown seed, and grown under NASAA full organic certification. The nutritional benefits of Brown Flaxseed Oil are similar to those of Golden Flaxseed Oil, although the flavour is generally bolder. This fresh, nutty-tasting oil can be used as a dipping oil, mixed with fruit smoothies, combined with other oils in salad dressings - or drizzled over rice, pasta or vegetables just prior to serving. Do not cook with flaxseed oil. To maintain freshness and prolong shelf life, flaxseed oil should be kept refrigerated.

Why should Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oil be refrigerated?

Flaxseed oil is quite sensitive. If exposed to light, oxygen or excessive heat, the oil can turn rancid and its unique Omega 3 qualities will be lost. Fresh flaxseed oil should always taste pleasant and nutty. Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oil has a “Best Before” date of twelve months, and can be frozen for up to five years; once opened, it will keep in the fridge for up to three months (keep container closed between use).

Note: It is not critical that flaxseed oil be refrigerated in transit - it will not deteriorate like an unrefrigerated dairy product. However, it should be stored and displayed under refrigeration to maximise its shelf life.