The Root Cause Protocol

What you see below is a work-in-progress version of The Root Cause Protocol, originally titled, “The Steps To Increase Ceruloplasmin.” Morley Robbins added each step over the course of several years while researching peer-reviewed scientific literature from around the world. 

We highly recommend to look for his revised and refined material at his new website,


Morley Robbins theory of Everything (in 2 mins)


Root Cause Protocol - STOPS

  • STOP Taking iron supplements, iron fortified foods, anything with ‘added iron’
  • STOP Taking vitamin D3 supplements or ANY foods fortified with vitamin D
  • STOP Taking calcium supplements
  • STOP Taking zinc supplements
  • STOP Taking molybdenum supplements
  • STOP Taking one-a-day multivitamins, prenatals, etc.
  • STOP Taking B vitamins from a bottle (get them from food!)
  • STOP Using synthetic forms of ascorbate/ascorbic acid
    & citrate/citric acid
  • STOP Using high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) & artificial sweeteners
  • STOP Using industrialized omega-6 oils
    (e.g. soybean oil, canola oil, etc.)
  • STOP Using fluoride (e.g. in toothpaste, water, etc.)
  • STOP Using colloidal silver as an antibiotic
  • STOP Eating low-fat, high-carb, processed, refined foods
  • STOP Exposure to environmental toxins, including unchecked blue light exposure and EMFs from electronic devices


Root Cause Protocol - STARTS


  • START Taking adrenal cocktails
  • START Taking mineral drops or applying transdermal magnesium
  • START Taking wholefood vitamin C (WFC) complex
  • START Taking magnesium
  • START Eating grass-fed organic beef liver



    • START Eating organic ancestral whole foods and drinking mineralized filtered water
    • START Taking Mother Nature’s sources for B vitamins
    • START Taking wholefood vitamin E complex
    • START Taking boron
    • START Taking cod liver oil



      • START Taking taurine
      • START Taking silica / diatomaceous earth
      • START Taking iodine from food



        • START Donating blood
        • START Managing histamine levels/reactions
        • START Releasing emotional stress
        • START Strengthening the bioenergetic field
        • START Getting regular sunlight
        • START Doing joyful movement