It’s what’s inside that matters, which is why we hand-make goodguts with a probiotic that is organic, natural, vegan & backed by Science with organic fair-trade tealeaves.  Goodguts proven-probiotic becomes active in your gut – and that’s where the magic happens.

Goodguts is different from other probiotics as it REBOOTS your gut.  It “kills” bad gut bacteria that cause gut issues & inflammation. Like a housekeeper for your gut.  Even if your diet isn’t great or you are on antibiotics.

Goodguts probiotic is designed by nature  – with a protective “shell” to survive boiling water & stomach acids. Think of it like a seed – it needs the right conditions to “wake” up.  It becomes alive in your gut  – where it gets to work rebalancing your gut microbiome.  So you can feel good on the inside!!!

You drink it like your normal cuppa even with milk or sweetener.

Handmade in Australia by people who used to have gut issues.


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