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GoodGuts Organic Probiotic
Green Tea - 28 bags

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A delicious first grade green tea steamed to enjoy a fresh taste without bitterness, with a dose of our heat-stable, taste-free probiotic. Guaranteed to make it to your gut alive.
Powered by Nature - Proven by Science
Lab Tested in boiling water to contain 1Bn cfu per cup

- 10x more effective than dairy probiotics
- Guaranteed to make it to your gut alive
- Taste-free probiotic - just taste delicious tea
- Designed by nature to survive boiling water & stomach acid
- Goodguts is a gut reboot probiotic

Research on our probiotic has shown, if consumed daily:
- Enhanced immunity health
- Improve digestive health
- Reduce IBS/IBD, UC, SIBO & Crohns symptoms
- Reduce abdominal pain & bloating
- Regulate bowels
- Increase protein & nutrient utilisation - including plant proteins
- Reduce inflammation throughout the body - reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms
- Reduce recovery time & soreness from intense exercise
- Reduction in anxiety & depression symptoms
- Re-balance gut microbiome
- Re-balance body's bacterial microbiome

Country of Origin: China, USA
Ingredients: Certified organic green tea, Bacillus coagulans GBI 30-6086