Eden Valley

Eden Valley White Premium
Bakers Flour

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A unique stone milled unbleached “white flour” suitable for all purpose baking and bread making. For self-raising flour add baking powder as per instructions.

About Eden Valley

Situated at Dumbleyung in southern Western Australia, Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm is owned and farmed by the Lloyd family who practise ecologically-sustainable, traditional agriculture.

Eden Valley Farm is an original selection of land that encompasses a total mini-catchment of 1,295 hectares. The property is blessed with natural ridge boundaries to the north, west and south and man-made boundaries made up of either 40 metre road or railway reserves or double fenced shelterbelts. Any remaining boundaries are progressively planted to trees and double fenced to further minimise weed blow in and chemical spray drift onto the property.

An integrated surface drainage system harvests water into dams and directs surplus (uncontaminated by fertiliser or chemical) safely from the property via natural drainage lines.