PERONI Cosmopolitan
Honey-Soufflé with
Cranberries 250gr

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Peroni Honey-Soufflé is gently pink with cranberry – like red sparks and the scent of rose, a blossoming spring garden, a fruit sorbet. The texture resembles a soft creamy sweet with pieces of candied berries.

Luxury taste honey dessert, gently whisked to make the crystals crush with unique creamy texture is similar to the soufflé due to the special mixing technology.

Honey-soufflé Peroni Honey is not just honey, it's an unusual honey treat. Delicate taste, unique consistency, appearance amaze and surprise from the first spoon and to the last drop.

A delicate Peroni Honey texture and its individual range of flavors is the embodiment of a high cuisine which everyone will appreciate.
It is charged with the life energy without artificial additives and preserving agents.

Fruits, berries, nuts, spices add some bright notes to dessert and a special cooking technology makes the Peroni Honey-soufflé moderately sweet.

A creamy texture is similar to the souffle due to the special mixing technology: honey is gently whisked to make the sugar crystals crush. 

The Air in the Souffle makes the dessert airy and delicate. PERONI Natural Flower Honey is a piece of nature, a delicious treat that warms in the winter and cheers you up in the summer.

250g glass jar


  • London Honey Design Awards (Bronze) 2019
  • World Food Moscow - Gold (Winner, Best Product) 2015
  • World Food Moscow - Gold (Winner, Best Taste) 2014
  • Interfood St. Petersburg - Gold (Winner, Best Product) 2015

Ingredients: Creamed honey (unpasteurized, raw honey) 90%, Dried Cranberries 10%.

May contain traces of nuts. Gluten free with no artificial additives.

Storage: Store at a room temperature and consume within 6 months from opening. 

Country of Origin: Russia