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Buckthorn Oil
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Many people know sea buckthorn and the various properties of this plant. However, only very few people know that oil can be pressed from it; on the one hand from the kernels of the fruit and on the other from the fruit of the berries.
The second option is particularly to be recommended. The dark orange oil is especially aromatic and stands out due to its fruity taste and slightly sour note.

Unopened it can be stored for 18 months in a cold, dry space protected from sunshine. The exact expiry date is displayed on the bottle. After opening, it is recommended to use it within 3-4 months, so that its valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals do not lose their high quality. It is an unfiltered oil, so best to shake it up before consumption.

Ingredients: 100% oil from organic sea buckthorn seed

Country of origin: Austria