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Podor Organic
Rapeseed Oil

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Healthy oil for everyday use

Almost everyone knows rapeseed oil, and almost every kitchen has at least one bottle of it. However, few people know that rapeseed oil also exists in a cold-pressed version. Pödör's premium-quality rapeseed oil is made from black rapeseed and remains completely natural. Thus, the oil preserves all the healthy components of rapeseed and has a beneficial effect on the human body. It is hard to find another vegetable oil that has as many applications as canola oil. It is just as delicious in a salad as it is in grilled vegetables, meats or sweet cakes. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil makes everyday kitchens special.


Rapeseed oil is the most common edible oil in Central Europe, next to sunflower oil and olive oil. Its discreet, subtly tart taste harmonizes well with almost any food, from steamed vegetables to fresh salads to sweet cakes. Due to its pleasant taste, it also goes well with a range of fruit vinegars.

Another advantage of rapeseed oil is its great resistance to heat. This is precisely why it's being used for baking and cooking. It is a great substitute for butter or margarine in cakes.

Ingredients100% oil from organic rapeseed.

Storage: It can be stored unopened in a cool , dry place protected from sunlight for 14-18 months. The date of the exact preservation of the warranty is indicated on the bottle. After opening, it is recommended to use within 3-4 months so that the valuable components do not lose their high quality.

Unfiltered oil , so shake before consumption!

Country of Origin : Austria