Queen B

Queen B Beeswax
Block 100gr

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Bees (and beekeepers) consider wax to be clean if it is free from dead insects. However, a beeswax candle will only burn properly if the wax is also free from dust/dirt.

Considering beehives sit in dusty fields, the wax from beekeepers always has a lot of dust in it. All the wax used in Queen B candles (and the wax we sell) is triple distilled/clarified... melted, washed in boiling water, allowed to settle (whilst molten) for 22 hours and then filtered through a 300 micron filter!

You get to benefit from our 12 years of experience in beeswax candle-making.

Beeswax blocks are also commonly used to make lip balms, wax the mouthpiece of a didgeridoo, on dreadlocks, irons and to make draws run smoothly... if you have another interesting use, let us know!