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Seagreens Iodine+ 60ct

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What's in it
Iodine+ Capsules contain pure finely milled Seagreens® native wild Wrack seaweeds Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus whose composition and health benefits Seagreens has studied and documented for over two decades.
Vegetable capsules.
Nothing added or extracted.

How to use
One capsule each morning (500mg).
This pack is a 2 month supply.

The capsule can be emptied into any food or cold drink, simply by pulling apart.
For sufficiency in iodine, wherever there is a known deficiency.
For children or to 'top up' daily iodine use Iodine Lite+ Capsules.
All Seagreens® nutrition products contain varying levels of natural iodine. The uptake of iodine in the body* has been shown to be approximately 1/3rd of intake, illustrated in the table that follows. Safe for permanent daily use.

What is Nutritious Food Seaweed?
NFS requires the quality of certified seaweed in a product to be transparent to consumers, with direct access to its nutritional profile. The total composition of NFS certified seaweed is monitored and must meet minimum and maximum criteria both for the good stuff (nutrients) and the bad stuff (contaminants), compliant with the most stringent international food safety standards. NFS is more than a quality standard, enabling the sustainable production of world class seaweed for human consumption which gives seaweed producers access to new markets at home and abroad. Rooted in the principles of biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming, with aspects of marine science, botany, nutrition and conservation, NFS has been administered by the Seaweed Health Foundation together with the Biodynamic Association since inception in 2014.

What is Trufil?
It means Seagreens® capsules contain at least what is stated. Standard industry practice allows 'average' content in capsules for speed of filling.

What it does
Iodine contributes to the production of thyroid hormones, thyroid function, nervous system and cognitive function, the normal growth of children, normal energy-yielding metabolism, and the maintenance of healthy skin.
Each capsule also contains natural vitamins such as B9 and B12, minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc - all the other nutrients the body needs for the effective transport and metabolism of iodine - and contributes a balanced range of micronutrients to your daily diet. Independent thyroid iodine research on Seagreens® Ascophyllum was published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2014.
This blend of two Seagreens® native wild Wrack species combines the benefits of thyroid iodine research, high antioxidants and polyphenols, and balanced iodine.

Figures are average iodine levels in micrograms over two decades harvesting Seagreens®. Iodine levels fluctuate according to natural variances in species and individual uptake.

Country of origin

Produced by Seagreens Ltd, Great Britain