Tbilvino Qvevris Saperavi

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Qvevris Saperavi (Vintage 2015) wine is produced using “Qvevri method.” A Qvevri is a uniquely Georgian creation, a large subterranean clay vessel, in which wines are fermented and matured on both skins and stems.
This gives Qvevri wines a dimension of flavour and aroma not found in other wines.

Tasting Notes: A big Red! Hints of fresh grapes, cherry and blackberry. Deep and rich bouquet of cherry and blackberry. Presence of clay from Qvevri gives it a complex earthy aroma.

Fermentation: The wine is produced using the traditional Georgian “Qvevri Method”. Grape juice and skins are fully fermented and macerated for 5 months in Qvevri (clay vessel buried into the ground) that gives the wine deep and full tannin taste and structure.

Alcohol: 13%

Country of Origin: Georgia