We assure you that the temperature outside, no matter how warm, will not affect the potency of your probiotics. They are still 100% potent! This is because Smidge probiotics contain freeze-dried bacteria (organisms), versus live cultures.

Freeze-dried bacteria are in a state of suspended animation, meaning the organisms are inactive until they come in contact with moisture. The freeze-dried powder organisms in your probiotic are sealed in amber glass, non-permeable bottle to protect against moisture during shipping, and for extended use and storage. Smidge Sensitive Probiotic capsules protect the probiotic and will arrive in a plastic container.

Unlike live cultures, which can be destroyed in transit by heat, freeze-dried bacteria remain intact and stable, with all of their beneficial properties.

How can we be sure the probiotic is viable after shipping it to you? 

We have tested Smidge Probiotics in various temperatures to be absolutely sure! Because probiotics can be sensitive to handling, transportation, and storage, our probiotics have undergone independent laboratory analysis for verification of stated potency. The probiotics were tested in a variety of conditions and temperatures and are both highly stable and potent in the time it takes to reach the destination - and for one full year from the date of production. 

What to do with your probiotic once it arrives?  

Simply store the bottle in the refrigerator right away. Once the seal is broken and the bottle has been opened, remember to keep your measuring spoon clean and dry before each use as moisture is the biggest threat to the viability of the organisms.

Also, please never leave the bottle open and sitting on the counter where the contents are exposed to humidity or ambient moisture.  To prevent clumping and degradation of the product, do not remove the enclosed moisture pillow from the bottle. This needs to remain intact for the duration of its use and storage.

In the meantime, please be assured the product is intact and at full potency.