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Eden Healthfoods

Eden Healthfoods
Electra-Lyte 180gr

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Electrolyte drink to hydrate, with BCAAs and minerals from natural whole foods. High in potassium from organic coconut water. Electrolytes from Celtic Sea salt and real organic fruits. BCAAs from clear rice protein. 

Electra-Lyte is a refreshing, effective electrolyte mix that contains only the healthiest and cleanest ingredients. With a perfectly balanced blend of trace minerals and micronutrients  Electra-Lyte helps to keep your cells and muscles well hydrated so you feel your best.

  • Wholefood sourced electrolyte drink mix.
  • High in potassium from organic coconut water.
  • Made with real certified organic fruits and berries.
  • BCAAs from clear rice protein.
  • Made with Celtic sea salt and Himalayan pink salt for a natural infusion of trace minerals.

Watermelon/Berry Electra-Lyte Ingredients

Coconut water powder*, watermelon powder*, strawberry powder*, raspberry powder*, Himalayan pink salt, enzyme enhanced clear brown rice protein, Celtic sea salt, monkfruit, natural watermelon, natural strawberry, stevia

Country of Origin: Australia