PERONI Honey-Soufflé
Blue Lagoon 250gr

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The tenderness of coconut is combined with the freshness of pineapple and all this magic of sky-blue color, which gives a superfood-blue spirulina.

Luxury taste honey dessert, gently whisked to make the crystals crush with unique creamy texture is similar to the soufflé due to the special mixing technology.

Honey-soufflé Peroni Honey is not just honey, it's an unusual honey treat. Delicate taste, unique consistency, appearance amaze and surprise from the first spoon and to the last drop.

A delicate Peroni Honey texture and its individual range of flavors is the embodiment of a high cuisine which everyone will appreciate.
It is charged with the life energy without artificial additives and preserving agents.

Fruits, berries, nuts, spices add some bright notes to dessert and a special cooking technology makes the Peroni Honey-soufflé moderately sweet.

A creamy texture is similar to the souffle due to the special mixing technology: honey is gently whisked to make the sugar crystals crush. 

The Air in the Souffle makes the dessert airy and delicate. PERONI Natural Flower Honey is a piece of nature, a delicious treat that warms in the winter and cheers you up in the summer.

250g glass jar


  • London Honey Design Awards (Bronze) 2019
  • World Food Moscow - Gold (Winner, Best Product) 2015
  • World Food Moscow - Gold (Winner, Best Taste) 2014
  • Interfood St. Petersburg - Gold (Winner, Best Product) 2015

Ingredients: Creamed honey (unpasteurized, raw honey) 84.9%, freeze-dried pineapple 7%, coconut chips 8%, blue spirulina powder 0.1%.

May contain traces of nuts. Gluten free with no artificial additives.

Storage: Store at a room temperature and consume within 6 months from opening. 

Country of Origin: Russia