Podor Organic Oils and Vinegars


Podor Organic Black <br> Cumin Oil
With its flavour slightly reminiscent of cumin, its strikingly intense golden colour and its countless valuable components, the...
Podor Organic Zalariz <br> Pumpkin Seed Oil
The taste of our organic pumpkin seed oil on one’s tongue is almost like being on holiday in...
Podor Organic <br> Camelina Oil
Camelina which is also called false flax grows in Austria and looks a little like the rapeseed plant. It...
Podor Organic Apple <br> Cider Vinegar
The naturally aromatic, fruity apple cider vinegar from Pödör is produced from the freshly-pressed juice of apples. Produced...
Podor Sunflower Seed Oil
Whoever is looking for an oil with many uses which is mild in taste and goes well with...
Podor Organic Poppy <br> Seed Oil
Poppy seed oil was an underestimated, even forgotten ingredient in European kitchens for a long time. Only in...
Podor Organic Argan Oil
Argan oil counts as one of the most exquisite oils in the world. "Moroccan Gold" is pressed from...
Podor Organic Sesame <br> Seed Oil
Sesame is one of the world’s oldest oil plant. The oil is particularly appreciated for high-quality fats. It’s...
Podor Organic <br> Flaxseed Oil
If there were a hit list for healthy vegetable oils, cold-pressed flaxseed oil would be right at the...
Podor Organic Cold-Pressed <br> Olive Oil
Everyone knows it, everyone loves it: olive oil! So that it can unfold its full power it should...
Podor Organic Buckthorn Oil
Many people know sea buckthorn and the various properties of this plant. However, only very few people know...
Podor Organic Apricot <br> Seed Oil
Apricot seed oil is counted as one of the oldest known types of oil in the history of...
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